About Service Design & Communication

Imagine. You’re a bank. You want everyone to know that you have the best solutions for their needs. There are two options:


1. You can either blast your target audiences 24/7 on every touch point.
2. Or you can demonstrate it tangibly, using innovative products and services. And communicate about it.


At Boondoggle Leuven, we are strong believers and practitioners of the latter. Whether it’s for a bank, a telecoms company or a pajama manufacturer: in today’s market, we strongly believe that for a brand to evolve, it needs to add meaningful value to the customer’s lives, by providing services they can actually use. This is why we enjoy working on and communicate about innovative ways of really making a difference.

De Hoorn

A breeding ground for creativity in Leuven. A dream location for parties or business events. An artsy place to enjoy lunch or drink a cold beer. The former Stella Artois brewery excels in its versatility and effortlessly combines a long history with the freshness of young, creative minds.


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Who we are

  • Pieter Lambrechts
    Pieter Lambrechts
  • Fien Paepen
    Fien Paepen
  • Stijn Cox
    Stijn Cox
    Managing Partner – Brand & Client development
  • Vincent Depoortere
    Vincent Depoortere
    Managing Partner – Technology & Innovation
  • Erik Meylemans
    Erik Meylemans
    Managing Partner – Strategy & Service Design
  • Pieter Goiris
    Pieter Goiris
    Chairman & CEO Cape Town
  • Leon Jacobs
    Leon Jacobs
    Executive Creative Director