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In 2015, Argenta Netherlands approached Boondoggle with one single-minded challenge:
"How can we turn our bank into a true digital bank?"

As a direct bank in the Netherlands, Argenta has been selling savings accounts online and mortgages via a network of 750 intermediaries. The bank built a customer base of over 300.000 customers making them one of the top 10 players in the Dutch market. 

But in order to maintain growth in size and offering, Argenta needed to catch up with the challenges put forward in this digital age of ever more demanding consumers. And the fact that the brand was not visible nor regarded as an online player for mortgages, we had our work cut out for us. 

To rise to the challenge, Boondoggle, in an international consortium together with Schuberg Philis and Five Degrees, began to develop the new digital proposition for Argenta.

  • Aligning our ambition

    We started by aligning all internal and external stakeholders around the ambition of Argenta. In close cooperation with CEO Marinka Van der Meer, we translated the ambition of offering people a healthy financial life into an audiovisual customer journey that embodied the vision of how Argenta would service its customers in the near future through digital.

    Through the power of storytelling we were able to bring all the stakeholders on board.

  • A bank from scratch in 11 months

    Thus we kicked off with the renewal of the public website, the onboarding of savings clients and an online banking environment. Collaboration in six strategic workshops laid the foundation for the work to come, developing the future customer journeys, the approach for customer profiling and planning the required IT integrations. In a series of consecutive sprints we worked with our partners to design and develop the Argenta bank we re-imagined at outset.

    After 11 months we launched the mobile first website, with Argenta's customers as ambassadors for the 'healthy' bank. We focussed on nudging prospects through the onboarding for savings and offered the new and existing clients an intuitive online banking experience. To underpin this, we helped to create a renewed IT and core banking platform that also offered Argenta a holistic view of their customers.

  • Online mortgages for the self-directed

    Then we took the next step: Delivering a first in the market mortgages on-boarding process, in both an execution-only and bound advice flavour.

    We implemented smart customer centric solutions like personal dashboards, easy document uploading and video chat with advisors. And we integrated different data platforms into one solid Argenta architecture.
    This way we helped meeting the needs of the self-directed consumer, offering them a loan at a substantial lower cost.

    A collaborative effort with an outcome that's good for the bank, and good for its customers.

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