Ready to build a meaningful brand with us? We are Boondoggle, and we just want people to give a damn. We’ll work with you to find relevant, meaningful, and consistent solutions. That’s how we want to build brands: by seeing way beyond campaigns and always looking ahead.

We go together beyond.

We’re in this together. Active participation and a totally transparent sharing of ideas truly set us apart. These are not just words. We encourage your input and value your participation way beyond the briefing moment. We believe in a genuinely collaborative process all the way. We are convinced that trusting and relying on the knowledge of every decision-maker is the best way to tackle a challenge most effectively. You won’t hear us say we are the best at this generous and collaborative working method. But that is only because we mumble it under our breath.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary structure, we can address every challenge with a tailored skillset. The solution is only sometimes a campaign; it could be developing a new service or adjusting the media ecosystem. We always strive to explore a fresh perspective in our recommendations so that brands can truly differentiate themselves. Simply put, when everybody zigs, we don’t even zag. We zoink. We don’t even know what that is. That’s how unexpected it is.

What we can do for you.

Brand Guidance

We’re interested in brands who know why they get up in the morning. That can look at themselves in the mirror and not blink. A brand that understands its own truth can easily distinguish itself in a world of chaos and complexity.


Humans understand the world through stories. We bring brand stories to life in meaningful ways to touch the mind and hearts of our audiences. Ignited by insights turned into compelling creative storylines, delivered through smart use of media to give them presence and shaped for optimal impact by building the brand’s digital experience.

Digital experiences & platforms

To bring a brand’s promise to life we believe in creating digital platforms and experiences that reflect a deeper understanding of the audience’s needs. Meaningful brands deliver meaningful experiences. We use the latest technologies and architectures to bring these platforms to life (Headless, Azure, React, NodeJS, …) and operate them under SLA.

How we walk the talk.

Through tailor-made research, we bring fresh perspectives and a competitive edge that takes you and your brand beyond. In addition to market research, strategic reflections, and other usual suspects, this might occasionally involve a tiny little bit of voodoo. We leave no stone unturned to go beyond what is expected, beyond what has been done, even beyond Beyoncé!

As respectful challengers, we help you navigate the complex landscape of today and challenge the status quo so that your brand can be relevant and create a better impact. Wow, isn’t this just a very diplomatic way to say that we might butt heads and that Boondoggle is never afraid to speak its mind? Yes.

Thanks to our collaborative approach in mind and method, we create rooted solutions meaningful for your entire organization.

A bit of namedropping never hurts. So, there. We have been part of the Global Havas Creative Network since 2023, adding to their creative legacy while remaining an independent local entrepreneurial player. This means we can rely on this global giant’s full might and power, but we still respectfully disagree with it on occasion. It helps that they don’t speak Flemish, mind you.

So, to recap. We want people to give a shit. To do this, we try to come up with fantastic shit that will make people think your brand is the shit.