a great brief writer & brand builder

Account Director
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Who are we looking for?

  • You’re passionate about building inspirational brands and direct them for success

  • You know how to write great briefs (and the occasional headline)

  • You’re your client’s biggest fan, but you know when to give them tough love

  • You have the kind of dedication and spirit that makes clients fall in love with you

  • You know what our clients need before they even know it themselves

  • You’re fluent in Dutch, French and English

  • You’re agile, hands-on, and fond of snackable content. Just kidding, we don’t even know what that means ourselves.

  • You’re good with all tools beyond the Microsoft shizzle

  • You don’t hate people (aka: you’re great at teamwork)

Your tasks

  • You have a clear forecast of your client at all time

  • You’re a teambuilder and a coach, both for your team and your client

  • You’re in charge of resource estimation for all your client’s projects

  • You know what your team needs before they need it

What do we have to offer?

  • A fulltime job in a fun agency.

  • A brand-new office. With its own bar. Makes those brainstorms a little easier.

  • Colleagues with a passion to lunch out. Burgers! Sandwiches! Falafel! Bye bye diet.

  • A competitive salary. Quite important, those sandwiches don’t pay themselves.

  • Flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home.

Who is Boondoggle?

In the old distillery of Artois in Leuven, you can find our hub of more than 60 communication, branding, creative, digital, media and product experts. Ready to become one of them? Discover our job openings here.