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No match with a current vacancy?

Your profile did not match our current vacancies at Boondoggle? But your talent, experience and enthusiasm do?

Well then, we should definitely start talking. At Boondoggle we are always open for great ideas and great people. 

Please make sure it will be worthwhile and specify your profile when you contact us. 

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Who is boondoggle?

A creative agency with an office in Leuven. We develop strategies and make cool campaigns for brands like Payconiq by Bancontact, Beobank, Yuzzu and The Ministry of Defense. Oh, and the word boondoggle literally means ‘useless work that looks like it has an incredible value’. As you can see, we take ourselves very seriously.

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Send your stunning resume & application letter to jobs@boondoggle.eu (or click the button below) and maybe we’ll invite you for an interview.

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