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Our story with Belgian Defence

The Belgian Ministry of Defence faces a host of interesting challenges. It's main task is to protect the interests of Belgian people at home and abroad.

But it's a changing world. Europe is evolving and across the world geo-political storms are raging. It has to communicate with the Belgian nation about its activities. At the same time, the skills available to the Defence Force in the local job market is declining. 

In 2017 the Ministry appointed Boondoggle to be its partner in developing information campaigns, and reimagine an integrated recruitment campaign and job application platform.


  • Brand guidance
    It's not a job, it's a mission.

    Boondoggle's first step was to build the equity of the brand and creating an overarching strategy that can support a number of different campaigns with different objectives. We did this by moving the brand beyond what the army does, to why it does it.

    So what is the why of Defence?
    Simply, to contribute to the security, wellbeing and prosperity of Belgian society in a globalised world. This means that working for Defence is not a job, but a mission. 

  • Information Campaign
    Confronting Belgians about insecurity abroad

    "Insecurity abroad is not our problem."

    That’s the assumption The Ministry of Defence wants Belgians to challenge in this first campaign.

  • Recruitment campaign
    The other national team

    Based on the brand positioning we developed for Defence, we created an integrated recruitment campaign across multiple channels.

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