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Confronting Belgians about insecurity abroad for Belgian Defence

"Insecurity abroad is not our problem."

That’s the assumption The Ministry of Defence wants Belgians to challenge in this first campaign.

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Confronting Belgians about insecurity abroad

The Challenge

Although global insecurity seems not to be our problem today, it could well become our problem tomorrow.  Just look at the recent migrant crisis, or the terrorist attacks committed on our country.

We all see Belgian soldiers on the streets of Brussels, but we are less aware of the fact that they are also engaged in preventive missions abroad. In collaboration with the EU and NATO, Belgium intervenes in the Middle-East and Mali with peace keeping and training missions and in the Mediterranean to help with the migrant crisis.

The Solution

Defence briefed Boondoggle to create an awareness campaign about these missions and to show Belgians that these global problems are not as disconnected from their daily lives as they might think and – that sometimes, we have to help others solve their problems so they don’t become ours.


The Impact

With this campaign, Defence reaffirms its primary concern to preserve the safety of Belgian citizens, even from non-immediate threats. 


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