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Based on the brand positioning we developed for Defence, we created an integrated recruitment campaign across multiple channels.

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The other national team

The Challenge

Over the last few years the number of people applying for jobs in the Belgian army has been in steady decline.

On the other hand, there are 35% more vacancies for 2018 compared to 2017. When you also take into consideration that the demands on the Ministry of Defence to protect the wellbeing and prosperity of the Belgian nation in a rapidly changing world, Boondoggle was tasked to create a compelling recruitment campaign that would attract the finest talent in the nation to join the Defence force.

The Solution

The objective of this campaign was to put Defence on the youth’s radar as a valid employer, by showing its pluses versus other more traditional employers: being part of a truly united team and participate in a higher purpose, a mission. A mission that, in light of what is happening on the world stage and since March 22 / 2016, is more important than ever. This is summed up in the recruitment campaign signature: More than a job, a mission.

Based on this brand positioning, we created an integrated recruitment campaign across multiple channels.


On TV our creative strategy was to show that it's not only the Red Devils and the Olympic Team who give their everything for Belgium. Employees of Defence also put their lives at the service of the country. And some of them do literally. We focus therefore on the uniform our employees wear. Because more than a uniform, it’s their unity that they are wearing every day.

Job platform

Beyond the television film, we created a brand-new online job platform and 14 interview videos that gives the audience a deeper and more intimate view into what it means to work for Defence. The mini films also demonstrates the diversity of skills that the army required: beyond soldiers, the army also needs mechanics, doctors and even logisticians. The videos are made more compelling by the fact that Defence employees not only talk about what they do but why they chose to do it and the purpose it gives them. Which really brings home the point that working for the army is not just a job.

And more

Other campaign elements included radio, social, bannering and DOOH - all leads prospects to the newly created digital recruitment platform.

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