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Our story with De Morgen

Boondoggle partnered with De Morgen since 2014 when we created the quirky and provocative salmon campaign. Not only did it crack the mould of the advertising category, it helped to position the paper's journalistic ethos in Belgium.

In 2017, the world's been shook by events like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Together with De Morgen, Boondoggle saw these events as an important opportunity to reimagine the salmon and to remind Belgians why there is a premium on quality journalism.

  • 2014
    This country needs more salmon

    In an initial campaign phase, we reclaimed the territory of De Morgen. With the campaign ‘Dit land heeft meer zalm nodig’ (This country needs more salmon), De Morgen used the metaphor of a salmon swimming against the current to reaffirm its position as the other voice this country needs, a voice of ‘healthy contrariness’, nuance and reflection, a voice that demands that the opposition is heard.

  • 2017
    Leave no answer unquestioned (Salmon 2.0)

    The rise of fake news and the impact it's had on world events prompted us to reimagine the salmon and made it evolve from a metaphor in communications to a very pure and aesthetic symbol. A mark of journalistic integrity.

  • FAQ The Elections

    We won a golden Epica Award in the ‘Media’ category for our ‘FAQ The Elections’ campaign we created for De Morgen. 🥇 Congrats to the whole team for taking this one back to Leuven. 👏 Watch our case movie here:

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