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2017: Leave no answer unquestioned for De Morgen

The rise of fake news and the impact it's had on world events prompted us to reimagine the salmon and made it evolve from a metaphor in communications to a very pure and aesthetic symbol. A mark of journalistic integrity.

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2017: Leave no answer unquestioned

The Challenge

De Morgen briefed us to take the salmon one step further.

The world's been reeling from the shock outcomes of Britain's Brexit referendum and Donald Trump just became president of the United States. The devastating and history changing effect of fake news was on everyone's lips.

The Solution

The symbol

“<” embodies the essence of the salmon attitude – going against the stream- and became a symbol for quality journalism that became not just the cornerstone of a new campaign, but also an internal rallying cry to De Morgen's own journalists to bring even more insight and depth to their reporting.




Together with the symbol, our strategy and creative teams collaborated directly with the editors of the paper to create a new manifesto for De Morgen, that stated why De Morgen would take its social role and how it would do that. It focussed on De Morgen’s unique perspective of leaving no question unanswered, and no answer unquestioned.



On tv

Both the “<” and the manifesto became the cornerstones of the campaign, and were then carefully translated into other media. In our TV commercial we used the metaphor of a tattoo to show the commitment of De Morgen to get to the truth, no matter how painful. 


The Impact

This campaign had a huge impact. No less than 35'000 people subscribed for a trial subscription in less than three months. More importantly the "<" also became an internal rallying cry for the editorial team to push themselves even harder to report the news to the highest possible standard.


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