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Our story with Interpolis

Interpolis is one of the leading insurance companies in the Netherlands. They believe that getting a policy for every little thing in life is not the only solution. Prevention is part of the equation and therefore they help their customers in the first place to avoid or diminish the risks on the road, in their homes or their workplace. 

As a strategic partner we advise Interpolis on how to align their brand experiences with the proposition on prevention. Through our customer-centric design processes we translate this strategy into tangible platforms like and the Interpolis Lab. In true Boondoggle style we work collaborative and co-creative with Interpolis, from customer journey workshops to running a Google Sprint week in the Interpolis HQ in Tilburg.

  • Public website

    The key challenge for how to guide the consumer to the right content and platforms throughout their journey in search for an insurance product.  

  • Platform creation
    Interpolis Lab

    The Interpolis Lab is an open content platform through which Interpolis communicates with their audience  about prevention and the projects they put in place to make prevention tangible.

  • Workshop
    "The future of apps" Google Sprint

    A dozen of apps in your brand ecosystem. An app for every service you offer. A recognizable but painful situation? At Interpolis we wanted to stop the wild growth of applications and mobile platforms. Not only is it a painstaking job to keep them running, but at the same time is the return very low, especially when some of them are nearly used. Together with Interpolis we reinvented, from a user point of view, the idea of an app. What part of our business can be enhanced through an app in a relevant way? What does a customer really need?

    To get an answer to these questions, we organized a Google Sprint at Interpolis. In one heavy but satisfying week we created and user tested a poc, which covers the Interpolis clients’ needs in one app. Yes, one week, one app!

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