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The Interpolis Lab is an open content platform through which Interpolis communicates with their audience  about prevention and the projects they put in place to make prevention tangible.

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Interpolis Lab

The Challenge

“We want to make the Netherlands a safer place.”

Where is chiefly about product marketing, its younger sibling (the Interpolis “Lab” platform) is about content marketing: it’s a storytelling platform. Its motto: “We want to make the Netherlands a safer place,” together with all fellow Dutch men, women and children. It’s a platform through which Interpolis communicates with all citizens (private, business, nonprofit, schools, hospitals…) about the initiatives it puts in place to try to make this happen. It’s about the search for solutions and its successes along the way, but just as much about its duds, failures and lessons learned.

The Solution

Most subjects are focussed on the prevention of bad things happening, but it’s perfectly possible new products and services are born as well. Cyber security insurance anyone? 

When launching new initiatives, Interpolis aims to tap into the needs and wants of citizens and co-creates with them. This way Interpolis can test the relevancy and value of ideas in a very early stage. An ‘Auto mode’ app to keep drivers from texting, group discussions with entrepreneurs on smart lighting solutions for business parks, a hackathon with students to develop solutions for stress prevention... just some of the initiatives and content that are launched and shared on the Interpolis Lab.


We do more than sell insurance,” came up time and time again during the redesign of, but finding a ‘parking spot’ for the wide range of past campaigns, tools, minisites, apps… proved troublesome. Them being all over the place muddled the carefully crafted conversion funnel.

A new, separate area was needed for these initiatives, and they deserved their own proper place! A new place with a distinctly different vibe: much more experimental, playful, with lots of things going on and ‘under construction.’ (Contrasting a stable with its tried and tested products, services, tips and advice.) That’s how the “Lab” ultimately came to be.



The main challenge was constructing a navigation skeleton that could accommodate any type of content, without knowing what future initiatives would be. Together with Interpolis content editors, domain experts, business and marketing teams all was ‘stress tested’ and tweaked to fit everyone’s needs. After all, the most important thing was that the way the Lab was built did not get in the way of the organic growth of ideas within the organisation into actual initiatives.



The Lab was given its own branding. Guidance was offered on how to set up the content production process. Internal guidelines, dos & don’ts, templates, checklists and other support was created to get the Lab up and running and help get all contributors in the right storytelling mindset.


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