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The key challenge for how to guide the consumer to the right content and platforms throughout their journey in search for an insurance product.  

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The Challenge

Before the merger with Achmea, Interpolis was almost 100% owned by Rabobank. This still has a big impact on how the business is run today, as consumers can only buy the Interpolis products through Rabobank. Not a very consumer oriented setup which indeed proves confusing for many (potential) customers. Throughout the customer journey, communication and services from Interpolis and Rabobank are often closely intertwined. 

Hence, the key challenge for how to guide the consumer to the right content and platforms throughout the journey in search of an insurance product. On top of that, and perhaps even more important for Interpolis itself, Interpolis’ strong attitude toward “prevention” needed to be boldly highlighted.

The Solution

For Interpolis, it’s all about the balance between insurance/prevention. Of course, insurance products are historically their bread and butter, but a strategic focus on prevention is even more important going forward. Their motto: “Insuring everything is no solution.”


Interpolis does indeed offer their clients (and everybody else) tools, tips and advice on how to prevent all kinds of damage, accidents and annoyances. And it is in a unique position to do so because of its decades long experience in insurance.



For the redesign of, this valuable knowledge base did become the central pillar, with prominent Top 5 rankings of important risks in different situations, together with their respective prevention tips. And if you still prefer taking an insurance too, that remains of course always possible.


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