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Our story with SKM

SKM is a leading, multi-brand fashion store, with a long history and strong reputation in Belgium. But they were faced with the reality that their customer base has been ageing. Plus, they were finding it harder to compete against online fashion retailers.

SKM needed a partner that could reconnect their brand's values to a younger audience and help them develop innovative new services to outsmart the competition.

In 2016, Boondoggle became that partner.

  • Golden Cuckoo Award (Creativity - Best targetting)
  • Rebranding campaign
    Reconnect the brand's values to a younger audience.

    We all know what it’s like to stand in front of a wardrobe full of clothes but feeling like we have nothing to wear. That is because we are often rushed into impulsive buys. And we tend to buy items that don’t suit or fit us properly.

    SKM has always been passionate about making style and fashion practical, and part of everyday life.
    To this end, we've evolved their brand equity to 'Kleren om in te leven' (Clothes to live in).

    The tag provides the perfect platform to create fun, seasonal campaigns that connect with a younger audience.

  • Try Out-Fit
    From brand promise to innovative new service

    To outsmart the competition and help SKM trump the world of online retail, we wanted to create a human-centred service that delivers on the brand's promise.

    That's what we did when we introduced Try Out-Fit, a revolutionary service that combines the best of offline and online clothing shopping.

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