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Our story with Wereldsolidariteit

Cleane Kleren (Clean Clothes) is an initiative by Wereldsolidariteit, an NGO that fights for dignified work and social protection all over the world.

Recently, they turned their attention to campaign for the betterment of working conditions of labourers working in the textile industry in - amongst others - Southeast Asia. 

Boondoggle has been working with Wereldsolidariteit to create campaigns to further this cause. In 2017, we created two powerful campaigns to bring the plight if these workers into focus. One of these won the Medialaan Fairtime Award which rewards social and humanitarian organisations for creative campaigns.


  • Medialaan Fairtime Award
  • Gold at Eurobest / Creative Data Storytelling
  • Shirt Control

    We all expect our sports heroes to renounce doping and be clean. But when it comes to our favourite sports clothing brands we don't apply the same standards. This is remarkable, since most of our sportswear is made in unsafe factories by workers in Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, working long hours for a miserable wage.

  • Awareness campaign

    We wanted to show athletes how much people who make their sports apparel suffer in terms they could understand. That's why we fitted a factory worker with off-the-shelf fitness monitoring devices during a normal day of work.

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