Who is Boondoggle?

In the old distillery of Artois in Leuven, you can find our hub of more than 60 communication, branding, creative, digital, media and product experts. Ready to become one of them? Discover our job openings here.

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Ready to Doggle along?

Say hello to our office in the city of academic innovation and beer. High and dry on the fifth and sixth floor of the old Artois distillery, you’ll be surrounded by experts in their field, and mostly people who just like to make creative work work.  

But don't be fooled, we really have a non-star culture where you can be yourself - no matter how quirky that may be. Thanks to our value fit, we're both 100% sure you can use your value in our team - because teamwork makes the dream work. Cliché, we know, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

‘Together beyond’ not only applies to our clients and projects, but also to our team: we work together to create surprising assets that go beyond the briefing. Always happy, never satisfied. That’s why we’re always open to new ideas and like to experiment, even if that means we have to blow the place up from time to time.   

We still our hunger for knowledge with our monthly Doggle snacks, snackable learning sessions where we share knowledge that will improve our professional skills, and Havas Universities sessions where you can learn all in & outs/prompts of AI Firefly for example.   

After all that working & learning, there’s time to get together with colleagues and connect. Our yearly trips, state of the Onion, parties and afterworks make sure we never lose that spark. Due to legal reasons, we will not go into more detail there ... Come and discover it yourself!